Wednesday, 6 May 2015

After Smuggling , Nitu Agarwal Interview

Heroine Nitu agarwal who is taken into custody for smuggling Red Scandle Wood. Huge Logs of wood were smuggled , police caught redhanded Herion Nitu Agarwal. Actress who was in few movies and not have offers in movies. It is came to notice that nitu had relation with Producer Mastan Walli , she married mastan walli and she had relation other political leaders. It is known she gathered huge amount in her account.

When Nitu agarwal interviewed after she caught in smuggling. She said she is no were concern smuggling of Red Scandle Wood. She says she married him and acting as a actress in movies and he is producing her movies. Nitu says she doesn't know what is his business , what he is doing, how he is earning, From where he is getting money. Nitu agarwal says she is nill knowledge in his business, she only knows he is producer and doign real estate business.

She confess that mastan walli is smuggler and he has cheated her. Because of him , her carrier is spoiled, she has losed her charector. She has done movie Prema Prayanam and she has taken 6 lakhs for the movie. After that she married her.

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